Effetto Pioggia

Italy, 2022, 11'

A novice director has to shoot the last scene of his film: a kiss in the rain. Everything is ready: camera lit, actors in position, probability of precipitation at 90%. And instead the hours go by and it doesn't rain! The tempers of an increasingly impatient troupe heat up and personal interests take over, until chaos reigns on the scene

Directed by Stefano Santini, story by Emanuele Cadamuro, screenplay by Emanuele Cadamuro and Stefano Santini. With Alessandro Apostoli, Pietro Lancello, Lidia Latella, Ilaria Marian, Elena Salvia , Edoardo Tidei. Photography by Daniele Simoncelli, costumes by Chiara Tommasini.

Produced by Riccardo Santini, Davide Cristofori, Marco Taviani and Stefano Santini.