Short Life

Italy, 2022, 37'

Ale, a twenty-year-old boy from Verona, sells drugs to his peers, forced by a drug lord from whom he cannot separate himself. But when he is caught by a private detective who is investigating the death of a boy, he decides to call it quits. After all, he wanted to be an actor.

Directed by Stefano Santini, story by Stefano Santini, screenplay by Emanuele Cadamuro and Stefano Santini. With Alessandro Apostoli, Andreapietro Anselmi, Diego Carli and Ludovica Beltrame, Marta Tozzi and Daniele Padovani. Photography by Daniele Simoncelli, costumes and scenography by Chiara Tommasini, music by Riccardo Santini Produced by Riccardo Santini, Davide Cristofori and Stefano Santini.

Produced by Riccardo Santini, Davide Cristofori e Stefano Santini.